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Human physique needs movement to be in good shape. We need to take rest or sit down for certain amount of time and then we are supposed to move around so that there is proper blood flow and the muscles and sinews are well exercised. Lack of such movement will result in harmful consequences for our health.

Let us now look at some of the bad effects of remaining stationary for a long time at a stretch.

Heart gets affected

Researches made a study of two groups, transit drivers who sit for long hours during the day and conductors or guards, who keep moving. Both the groups followed the same diet and lifestyles but the drivers were found to be more at risk of getting a heart disease than the conductors who either stood or moved around.

The above example shows how sitting can harm our health and our hearts.

Dementia may follow

When you sit for long hours, your brain looks similar to the brain of someone with dementia. Along with dementia, sitting can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high BP and high cholesterol. All these conditions can contribute to aggravate dementia.

Moving throughout the day helps more than regular exercise to lower the risk of health problems.

Results in diabetes

If you sit all day then you naturally burn fewer calories and increases your chance of gaining weight which can contribute to making you diabetic. Though not clearly understood studies show that sitting can change the way the body reacts to insulin too. It affects the who metabolism incuding burning of sugar and carbs for energy.

Causes DVT

Sitting for too long causes clots to form in your legs, this leads to Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT. The same clot can break and later lodge in the lungs causing serious health problems. There may be pain and swelling for many people.

Unusual weight gain

When you sit and watch tv, play video games and surf the web for the whole day, you’ll end up being overweight and obese. You may think you can compensate by doing exercise but it does not help and does not help in reducing any weight, as you will continue to sit in front of the screen.

Anxiety levels increase

More and more people spend time sitting all by themselves and are engaged in screen based activity. This can later disrupt your sleep and increase your anxiety. The result is that you increasing withdraw from the social circle.

Strains your back

Being in the seated position puts huge strain on your back, muscles, neck and spine. If you slouch then the case can be even worse. Which means sitting and slouching will lead to a painful and stressed back. No matter how comfortable you get with ergonomic chairs etc., your back will still not accept long sitting sessions.

Cancer risk goes up

The habit of spending time sitting will lead to colon, endometrial or lung cancer. The risk of cancer increases as you go on sitting. Women may be at risk of breast cancer.  Being active afterwards does not help, what matters is how much you sit.

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