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Opening Hours : 24 x 7
  Contact : Emergency: +91 8939 59 9999

Internal Medicine


Our ambulance service is an essential part of Emergency Medicine Department. We have 24/7 fully loaded ambulances with all the necessary facilities, like monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and continuous oxygen supply etc. The ambulance is supported by paramedics skilled in transportation of seriously ill patients and victims of road traffic accident. They are well-trained in advanced Life Support.

Infectious Diseases


All tests are done with stringent quality control at Annai Arul Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory. We have a fully computerized lab with well trained lab technicians. The investigations range from the most elementary tests like glucose and haematology done by state-of-the-art techniques to the most specialised tests. Our lab is equipped for tests ranging from bio-chemistry to microbiology with fully automated equipments. With efficient technicians and technologists we run the test and provide reports with quality and right on time.

Infectious Diseases


The department of Radiology at Annai Arul Hospital is committed in providing advanced imaging services of the highest quality. The wide-ranging of imaging services support the clinical practice of our hospital. We are fully equipped with modern imaging systems including musculoskeletal radiology that includes computed tomography, ultrasound, imaging guided diagnostic, neuroradiology, head and neck body cross sectional imaging in computed tomography, and Ultrasound, General radiology, paediatric radiology, gastrointestinal radiology, mammography sonogram, ECHO cardiogram, tread mill test, electro cardiogram and digital X-Ray. We continue to strive towards excellence in providing patient satisfaction with versatile team of radiologist, radiographers and technicians.

Infectious Diseases


The Department of Pharmacy provides integrated, cost-effective pharmaceutical services and our pharmacists provide you with the best total patient care. We offer exceptional customer service, with a friendly and caring staff and one-on-one confidential counseling. Inpatient pharmacy services at Annai Arul are provided by clinical pharmacists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist the medicine requirements for both Patients and the Hospital. The pharmacy is continuously stocked with multi-disciplinary medicines to support the “Multispecialty Care” and “Emergency Care” of Annai Arul hospital.

Infectious Diseases

Infection Control

Annai Arul Hospital has a qualified and dedicated Infection Control team. The sole mission of the team is to make sure infections are completely eradicated with regular surveillance and auditing throughout the hospital on a daily basis. For notified problems related to infection control effective control measures are immediately taken to maintain an infection free environment all through the hospital premises.

Infectious Diseases

Category of Rooms

Patient rooms in Annai Arul Hospital are conscientiously designed keeping in view the comfort of the occupants, both patient & attendant. We ensure supreme priority in maintaining very high degree of hygiene & odor free environment. Depending on the category the rooms have facilities like solar heated water/water heater, direct dialing facility from the room, cable TV, air conditioners, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, Couch, and Oven etc.

Infectious Diseases

Insurance Partners

Annai Arul hospital has qualified members in the insurance help Desk in providing assistance of patients who are seeking cashless treatment from their insurance companies. Our insurance helpdesk will assist the patient family members in filling out the forms, verification of ID cards and facilitation of the insurance claims process.

Infectious Diseases


The cafeteria at Annai Arul hospital is open daily, serving patients, visitors and staff. They offer a wide selection of healthy meal choices, snacks and beverages at affordable prices and convenient service in a fast-casual setting. Our cafeteria offers healthier options which combines great flavor and optimal nutrition in a wide array of delicious, tempting, tasty and nutritious meals.

Infectious Diseases

Fire & Safety

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and “A casual attitude towards safety is equal to casualty. Annai Arul Hospital is always on alert in regards to fire safety and saving lives. As a safety conscious hospital we conduct periodical fire drills and classes for all Annai Arul employees and ensure safety as we believe ignoring a warning causes a lot of mourning.