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All fizzy drinks like soda, beer and bubbly drinks are made with a gas called carbon dioxide. The gas adds extra air into the stomach, which then tries to find a way back the same way it entered, through the mouth.

Many people think that this happens with cold drinks and fizzy drinks alone but this happens even with hot drinks. When you sip them they cause you to swallow a lot of air and this results in lot of belching.

Could be ulcers

Stomach ulcers sometimes causes burping and it could be a sign of ulcers. Stomach ulcers are open sores in the lining of the stomach which are quite common. Some sort of infections leads to stomach ulcers and use of some drugs also can cause them.

If a person has stomach ulcer then you may burp and feel full or bloated after consuming fatty foods. You may also have pain in the stomach after you eat, with proper treatment ulcers go away in couple of months time.

 The way you eat

When you eat a lot of food together, you also swallow extra air along with it. Most of the air does not go to the stomach and stays in the oesophagus and will not go out unless you burp. Slow down when you eat and chew your food well. Eat smaller portions and you’ll burp less. Extra body weight puts more pressure on the stomach, so reducing your weight can also help in reducing the burps.

Lactose intolerance

Milk has a natural sugar called lactose in it and many people lack the ability to break down this lactose. If a person has this problem then they may not be able to digest foods that contain dairy products. The lactose in these foods actually ferment in the stomach and this produces extra gas which ultimately makes the person burp a lot.

 Acid reflux

Some people have the problem of stomach acid backing up into the throat.These  problem happens mostly in pregnant women, obese people and those who over eat. Once a person feel a ‘lump’ in the throat, they will swallow more to try to get rid of it. This will make one burp.

Spicy and high acid foods

Food like onions, tomatoes and citrus fruits have high acid content. When you consume such foods, it triggers heartburn. Similarly spicy foods can bring on acid reflux which inturn triggers burps.

 Chewing gum

Some sugar free candy and chewing gum can make a person burp since a lot of air is swallowed while you chew on them. The sugar free candy will make you belch more. The sugar alcohols they contain can’t be quickly processed once they reach the stomach, they linger before breaking down, this creates gas.l This gas comes out as more burps.

Other causes may be stress, hiatal hernia, too much gut bacteria and even some infections. All these can cause you to burp excessively.

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