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The human body, holds up to 60,000 miles of blood vessels, along with the heart and other muscles, the whole set-up makes a circulatory system. These networks of tubules carry blood to every corner of the body.

In a situation like this when the blood circulation is poor, it slows or blocks the blood flow. The result is that the cells of the body do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients they need and hence your body does not function as effectively as it should.

What are the signs of poor circulation?

When the circulation is poor and the limbs don’t get enough blood, then your hands or feet may feel cold or numb. Those with light skin can actually see the legs getting a blue tinge. Poor circulation also dries the skin, turns nails brittle and makes the hair fall out. Men develop sexual dysfunction. If you are diabetic and have poor circulation your scrapes, sores and wounds tend to heal very slowly.

Steps to improve circulation:

Stop smoking

Your cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobaccos are not as harmless as they look they contain nicotine, an active ingredient. Nicotine easily harms the walls of your arteries and thickens your blood. It is always better to quit smoking and let your body get healthier.

Control Blood Pressure

When the blood pressure is out of control or too high than normal then it leads to arteriosclerosis. This is a condition that hardens the arteries and can help choke off blood flow. A blood pressure of 120/80 is ideal but always ask your doctor about factors like age and health affecting the BP result.

Drink plenty of water

Half of our body blood consists of water, so you need to stay hydrated to keep it moving smoothly. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You have to drink more if you do regular exercise or if the temperature is hotter outside.

Avoid sitting for long hours

When you sit for long duration at your workplace or home, then it is not so good for your circulation and your back. Sitting at a stretch every day, weakens the leg muscle and slows the circulation which could cause a clot. You can even prefer a standing desk at your workplace. Standing on your feet works the valves in your leg veins sending blood up to your heart.

Eat more vegetables

A balanced diet is always the winner. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and stay away from saturated fats found in red meat, chicken, cheese and other animal source. Control that dash of salt in your dish. All these will help keep you weight under control, cholesterol under check and blood pressure in the normal range which means you enjoy a much cleaner arteries.

Brush your body right

You can take a body brush with stiff bristles and stroke the dry skin. Start at the feet and work your way up, using long motions on the legs and arms. Make circles on the belly and lower back. Brushing also improves dry skin. Finally it helps in keeping your circulation in its finest shape.

Soak your body

Get into the shower and take a bath; it surprisingly improves your circulation by a good level. Bathe in warm water since it makes your arteries and veins open a bit wider, letting more blood flow through. Drinking hot water or tea can be temporary trick to improve circulation.

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