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Understanding Mees’ Lines: Nail Health and Underlying Conditions

Mees’ lines, also known as Aldrich-Mees’ lines, are distinctive white bands on fingernails or toenails that may signal significant underlying health issues like arsenic poisoning or kidney failure. These lines, running horizontally across the nails, parallel to the cuticles and nail tips, are smooth and extend from the bottom to the top of the nail.

Possible Causes: Historically linked to heavy metal poisoning, Mees’ lines can also be associated with conditions such as cancer, altitude sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, and various illnesses. Prompt medical attention is crucial if these lines are observed.

Care and Treatment:

  • Diagnostic tests, including a physical examination and blood tests, are essential to identify underlying health problems.
  • Treatment focuses on addressing the root cause, such as eliminating exposure to toxins or addressing health conditions. Mees’ lines naturally grow out over time.

When to Seek Medical Advice: If white lines on the nails are noticed, consulting a healthcare professional is recommended, as they may signify a serious medical condition.










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