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Tambaram Hospitals

Annai Arul Hospital is considered as a referral hospital among all other Tambaram Hospitals. It is started with a goal of providing quality medical services to the people at an affordable cost. We believe that for any aliment successful treatment and cure lies in proper detailed consultation and diagnosis. We have a team of doctors with in-patient, outpatient facilities, Pharmacy and diagnostic services all under one roof which is only possible with Hospitals in Tambaram.

Tambaram Hospitals

Tambaram Hospitals

We offer a wide range of highly specialized medical, surgical and diagnostic services in diverse specialties. Managed by a team of internationally qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, Annai Arul Hospital provides compassionate, family centered, superior services and quality medical care at affordable costs while adhering to high moral and ethical standards.

Is it safe to go for endoscopic treatment of Sinus?

Medical science has become quite advanced in the past few decades. Due to the extensive research and development, new and improved treatment methods have been developed. Endoscopic treatment of Sinus is the buzzword today because of its high accuracy. Most of the advanced Doctors Plaza Tambaram offer this progressive technique. Statistics says that it is much better and effective than the conventional methods. It is fast, accurate and effective.

Why should one go for endoscopic surgery?

According to medical experts, sinus related problems are quite irritating. The endoscopic treatment brings a significant improvement in the situation. It is very much effective in removing the fundamental cause of recurrent sinusitis. It can remove a foreign body which is causing a problem. Symptoms of sinusitis because of decompression of the optic nerve can also be treated using this method. Selected types of tumors and the Cerebrospinal leak can also be treated by this method.

With incredibly good infrastructure facilities and the availability of highly proficient doctors; they are the best in the state.

Is there any possibility of complications?

Well, any surgery has a possibility of complication for that matter. Hence, sinus endoscopy is also not an exception. There you find the best pre-operative scanning and superior post-operative care. Doctors check thoroughly about the infection history, overall physical fitness, and the severity of the problem.  Accurate diagnosis and correct use of tools eradicate the problem fully.  Experts say with the further research and evolution; endoscopic sinus treatment will become more effective and efficient. It will become the preferred way of removing sinus abnormalities.

Though the endoscopic treatment is costlier than the conventional methods, patients prefer it because of convenience and effectiveness.