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Neurologist in Tambaram

Annai Arul Hospital is one of the largest healthcare providers Neurologist in Tambaram, Chennai. We bring you the finest ambience and services for inpatient and outpatient treatment, with special emphasis on quality care, reasonable price, management expertise and sophisticated medical devices. Annai Arul Hospital is using its expertise and vast experience of running hospitals in Chennai, to bring Superior Quality Healthcare Services at affordable rates to Chennai. We believe in transparent, ethical care and developing strong doctor-patient communication.Our panel of medical experts have painstakingly credentialed and defined each doctor’s privileges, ensuring increased patient safety with the provision of high-quality medical services. Our doctors are supported by standardised care protocols that help deliver consistent patient care and follow a common treatment plan for a given illness. The talent pool is further strengthened by qualified and well-trained nursing and technical professionals. Our nurses are trained in the latest techniques across various specialties and have implemented global best practices in care-giving. We are the only Hospital in Tambaram, Chennai with Full Time Specialist System ensuring easy availability and access to dedicated specialists exclusively attached to Annai Arul Hospital.

Neurologist in Tambaram

Neurologist in Tambaram

Our vision is to provide world class tertiary care services to patients as a growth and profile driver for the hospital. The hospital wards, nursing care, theaters and ICU will meet the best in world standards. In the Hospitals in Tambaram, our team of experts and supportive staff believes in providing care which is personalized to each patient’s unique needs. The department has highly qualified and experienced neuro care specialist in Tambaram Hospitals, who provide treatment as per international standards. Annai Arul Hospital uses Protocol and Care Pathway based treatment models to ensure the best outcomes for patients. This is made possible with our unique Full Time Specialist System that ensures availability and access to dedicated specialists exclusively attached to our hospital. We look forward to meet, inform and serve you dedicatedly in your health & well-being needs. Annai Arul Hospital offer comprehensive Neurological care and non-invasive diagnostic services for our patients with “Human Touch”. Explore our site to know more about our facilities in Gynaecologist in Tambaram, get reliable health information & connect with us instantly. You can ask us health questions or consult with us remotely & securely.

Advancement in neurological medicines brings new hope to the patients

As the average age increases in the country, there is an obvious increase in the number of people suffering from old-age ailments. Studies say that in India, the percentage of people above 50 years of age will increase in the coming years and by 2050, it will be at least three times of the current figures. No doubt, India has to gear up with better facilities and infrastructure to handle the old-age troubles. Doctors organize seminars and workshops to impart the knowledge of these problems. They also try to clear the misconceptions and confusion about neurological disorders.

Neurological disorders are controllable

Certainly, some of the neurological disorders are irreversible; they can be controlled and regulated by regular checkup and medication. Physical fitness, Yoga, and Meditation and alternate methods also work well. These efforts keep the symptoms under control and the patient can live almost normal life for quite a long time.

Earlier, there was awe about going to a neurologist for treatment. There was no social acceptance for the disease. The situation, however, has changed completely now. People are much tolerant and sympathetic about the diseases. As new and advanced treatment methods get introduced, it becomes further possible to keep the problem under control.

Medical researchers are hopeful about further improvement

With the extensive research going everywhere in the world to develop an effective treatment of neurological ailments, researchers and medical experts are hopeful to get a breakthrough in the coming years. Nowadays, medicines considerably reduce the symptoms to make the life easy. The future medicines are expected to not just control the symptoms, but to stop the advancement of the disease.  The day will bring a new dawn in the life of patients; there is no doubt about it!