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Gynaecologist in Tambaram

This is a centre committed towards providing highest quality in women’s health. We deal with all aspects of a women’s life with compassion and endurance. We are the best Gynaecologist in Tambaram are with her in her formative years from an innocent girl to a confused adolescent; wondering about the mysterious changes occurring in her body. We also respect the feelings of an anxious wife trying to conceive along with a mother struggling to breast feed her little bundle of joy. We equally relate to the demands of a completely irrational woman with hot flushes venturing into menopause. We earnestly believe in providing personalized care especially to patients with infertility and recurrent abortions because every couple has unique needs that must be met in their quest to create a family. Counselling and psychological support are an integral part of the treatment programm; helping couples cope with inevitable stress associated with treatment. A couple is put to ease, complete history gathered and much needed assurance given along with personalized care. Complete privacy and confidentiality is assured. We are sensitive to the many decisions couples face while undergoing infertility evaluation. Providing accurate information through patient education is one of our highest priorities. Empowering patients with correct information is our goal. WE EXAMINE EVERY GYNAE PATIENT BY ULTRASOUND OURSELVES BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER. In the Hospitals in Tambaram, our team of experts and supportive staff believes in providing care which is personalized to each patient’s unique needs. We specialize in providing quality services in Gynae related treatments in Tambaram, Chennai.

Gynaecologist in Tambaram

Gynaecologist in Tambaram

Annai Arul Hospital is a state-of-art Multi-Specialty hospital providing a depth of expertise in complete spectrum of advance medical & surgical interventions with a comprehensive mix of in-patient and out-patient services. Annai Arul Hospital is committed to provide competitive, accessible and affordable healthcare service with international standards to all. Annai Arul Hospital is equipped with state-of-art diagnostic & surgical equipments , Operation Theatre, ICU’s, PICU’s, Nursery managed by a highly qualified team of doctors, surgeons, hospital administrators who have been trained at the best institutions. We specialize in providing quality services in eye care hospitals in Tambaram, Chennai. Highly skilled, experienced and specialist strives to offer best & consistent patient care services. The thorough evaluation starting physical examination to determine if further testing (lab work or other diagnostic testing) is an indication to reduce the odds of events or disease in the future. We look forward to meet, inform and serve you dedicatedly in your health & well-being needs.

Don’t rush to the infertility expert unless your Gynecologist recommends!

When couples decide to go in the family way after a few years of planning, they become quite cautious about the pregnancy and delivery. Sometimes, the eagerness of getting pregnant becomes so prevalent that they rush to the nearest infertility center after a few months of an unprotected sexual relationship. It is needless to say that it is quite ridiculous and unnecessary. She is the expert in the niche and can advice the right things. Experts underline the aspect that it takes at least six months to one year (even more than that) to achieve pregnancy after a few years of birth control.

Hence, there is no need of arriving at the conclusion of getting infertility treatment. Most of the times it is not required at all! However, the majority of the young couples get trapped into it.

What is the role of a Gynecologist?

A Tambaram Hospitals is an expert on the anatomy of female reproductive system in particular. She performs certain diagnostic tests and confirms about the health and fitness of the same. In 90 percent cases, there is no infertility treatment required. Repeated tries result in successful pregnancy.

Hence, young couples should not get disappointed and start thinking about the possible infertility scenario. It is greatly important to ignore unauthenticated knowledge acquired from the Internet or so-called health magazines. Meet a registered and experienced medical practitioner instead to get solutions for your queries or doubts.

If the gynecologist finds something abnormal, she suggests consulting an infertility expert. In such case, she not only recommends the name of the right doctor, but also talks to him or her personally so that they are on the same page. It is the only scenario when you should give a buzz to the infertility clinic.