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Prostate gland usually gets enlarged in older men. The prostate gland enlargement is also called prostatic hyperplasia. The main problem with prostate gland enlargement is that it causes difficulty in passing urine. Symptoms in prostate gland enlargement are often mild and overtime may even improve. If the symptoms turn out to be troublesome then you may need surgical intervention or medicines to cure it.

Among leading hospitals for prostate enlargement treatment Annai Arul Hospital stand with its advanced facilities for prostate treatment including surgery.

What is a Prostate?

The prostate gland is found in men and lies just beneath the bladder. It is normally the size of a chestnut.  The tube that carries urine from the bladder runs through the prostate. The prostates function is to produce the fluid that protects and enriches the sperm. The prostate has a tendency to slowly start enlarging after the age of 50 and by the age of 90 most men have an enlarged prostate.

How to find Prostate Enlargement?

When the prostate enlargement happens it slowly narrows down the urethra. This will partially affect the passage of urine. At this state the symptoms will include:

Poor streaming – The flow of urine is weak and it takes a long while to empty the bladder

Feeling Hesitant – When you are about to urinate you will have to wait for some time

Dribble Effect – At the end of the passing urine, the flow gets really slow and starts dribbling

Unsatisfactory Emptying – Even after urinating the feeling of not quite emptied bladder

Irritable Sensation – The enlarged prostate causes irritation in the bladder and indicates enlargement

Mostly the symptoms of enlargement are mild at the beginning but over months and years the symptoms become more troublesome and severe, it is at this juncture that complications develop in rare cases.

What are treatment options for PE?

There is no treatment option that is likely to clear all symptoms and improve the condition fairly except waiting and watching in most of the cases. The treatments are carried out based on how desperate is the urine blockage and how bothersome is your life due to prostate enlargement.


The treatment of prostate enlargement largely depends on the condition of your prostate enlargement and how much of trouble it is giving. If there is not much symptoms then it is best to wait and watch. Two groups of medicines are prescribed usually the alpha – blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. But is seen that medicines do not cure the problem nor do they make the symptoms go away completely. The only advantage being that medicine eases the body and various symptoms.


Another option in prostate treatment is removal of the prostate or surgery. This is an option in cases where the symptoms get out of control and seems to have no result with medicines. In the surgery the central part alone of the prostate is removed which creates a channel for the urine to flow freely. Meanwhile another part is left behind. If there is a case of prostate cancer then the procedure involves total removal of the troublesome prostate. The surgical methods involve transurethral Resection, open prostatectomy and laser prostatectomy.

If you have the symptoms for prostate enlargement and still you are waiting it is always advisable to visit the Speciality Urology Department of Annai Arul Hospital to find a proper solution for prostate problems.

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