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Today people all over the world have become aware and are in the know about the harms of smoking. The drive is on to make people quit smoking. Though it may look simple like giving up a habit with some grit, it is rather a difficult habit to get over.

Here are a few tips to help quit smoking.

Sip water and eat small

When you develop a liking for sipping water through a straw it imitates the action of sucking on a cigarette and helps slowly give up on smoking. The action also releases dopamine, a brain chemical that helps perk up your mood.

You can also try eating small meals during the day, that will help a person overcome the urge to smoke. You can choose healthy, lean food that prevents weight gain.

Make a note

Develop a habit of noting down the changes you feel when you start avoiding the urge to smoke. The changes may include – a feeling of control, better savings, improvement in body odour, food tasting better and a feeling of energy. When there is an urge to smoke, take a look at your note and it will change your mindset.

Brush your teeth

One of the negatives of smoking is bad breath. You can start cleaning your teeth after every meal or as often as you can and enjoy your fresh and clean teeth and breath. This will prevent you from going for a cigarette.

Avoid alcohol

You must have developed a habit of sipping on your drink and smoking together. Alcohol also breaks down self-control.  So avoiding alcohol can help you quit smoking too.

Find a no-smoking zone

When you do have an urge to smoke, prefer going to a place like a movie theatre, a library or a store where smoking is strictly prohibited. This will weane you away from smoking.

Remember you the reason to quit

It helps to always remind you of the idea that made you quit smoking. Better keep the reminder in places where you frequent like your office desk, your bathroom mirror, your kitchen backsplash etc. Some people keep photos of their loved ones pinned alongside the reason, and this prevents them from going for a smoke.

Be active

An everyday exercise is a powerful option for distracting your cravings. When you are active then your body sends out certain chemicals that help swing the mood and ease your stress. Walking is a simple and effective exercise for this.

Option for your mouth

Put something in your mouth like sugar-free chewing gum, hard candy or a helathy snack to prevent your urge to smoke. Smoking habit is the urge to put something in your mouth, and you can satisfy this with the above things.

Avoid bad moods

All sorts of negative emotions like stress, anger and frustration are reasons for people to get back to smoking. Bad moods do happen to everyone and smoking is not the only option to distract yourself. Get together with your friends or do something you enjoy, like reading a book rather than going for aaa cigarette.

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