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A urinary tract infection is usually very painful and frustrating, especially if they occur again and again. Doctors advice antibiotics and that should generally clear the UTI in a few days, but there are still more simpler measures to ensure that you don’t get an infection.

These little lifestyle changes can help stop all that burning, frequent urination and other unpleasant symptoms. The idea is to flush out all the bacteria from your system.

Drink Plenty of Water

The easiest way to prevent a UTI is to drink plenty of water and flush out the bacteria from the bladder and urinary tract before it can set in. If a person is well hydrated, it will be difficult to hold on too long without urinating.

Wipe Front to Back

It is the anal region that contains most of the bacteria and so it is advisable to wipe from front to the back, especially after a bowel movement. If this is practiced then there is very little chance of getting the bacteria into the urethra and causing UTI.

Observe hygiene during sex

It is best to use soap and water to wash up before having sex as this will keep away the bacteria from the urethra. Similarly urinating after sex will push the bacteria out of the system which must have entered the urinary tract.

Stop using irritating products

Many women are in the habit of using douches, deodorant sprays and powders which can cause irritation and infection leading to UTI. It is better to avoid such products.

Using suitable birth control

Certain birth control measures like diaphragm, spermicide or lubricated condoms can ultimately cause UTI problems. They actually contribute to bacterial growth. If a person habitually gets UTI and used these products then it is better to use certain water based lubricants instead or try another birth control method.

Use proper clothing

Women who get UTI can avoid wearing tight clothes and undergarments as these may trap bacteria near the urethra. Using cotton panties is also a good option.

Bath vs. Showers

Doctors usually advise women who get frequent UTIs to take daily showers instead of a body bath.

What treatments will the doctor suggest?

For frequent occurrence of UTIs the doctor may suggest the following:

To take a daily dose of antibiotics

Having a self test at home to detect UTI infection

Use of estrogen vaginal cream, if the patient has gone through menopause, this will prevent the vaginal dryness which can cause UTI

To consult the urologist for further investigation to detect other anatomical abnormalities which can cause recurrent UTI.

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