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Whatever you physique, your belly will have walls of muscle that support you, help you move about and also hold things in place inside of you. Hernia is a condition when this normal arrangement is disturbed and a part of the inside body squeezes through a weak spot or opening in the muscle wall. It is like a tyre burst when the inner tube bulges out through a hole in a worn out tyre. There are many types of hernias but almost all of them occur between the chest and the hip.

Symptoms of Hernia

Very rarely hernias hurt and you just see a bulge or lump near the belly or groin. The bulge may even reveal only when you laugh, cough or exert yourself while lifting a heavy object. Many people tend to push the hernia back in place. But the bulge may get bigger with time and you will constantly feel fuller and some sort of dull ache around the bulge. There may be a sharp pain when you lift something.

Types of Hernia

There are several types of hernia based on the part of the body they occur. The main types of hernia are Inguinal hernia when a loop of intestine pushes into the groin, Femoral hernia which is similar to Inguinal hernia but in a different part of the groin, Ventral hernia which occurs between the belly button and chest, Incisional hernia that occurs through a surgical wound and Hiatal hernia where a part of the stomach juts out through the diaphragm into the chest cavity.

Hernia in children

Children usually get inguinal hernia or umbilical hernias. Inguinal hernia is common among babies born before date and in boys whose testicles have not dropped into the scrotum. Umbilical hernia as the name suggests occurs near the belly button. The umbilical hernia does not hurt much and looks like an inside out belly button. By the age of 2 years the hernia goes back into place.

How to prevent hernia?

You can prevent hernia from taking the quality out of life by following certain simple steps in daily life.

At the slightest possibility or symptom consult your doctor

Eat lots of fruits, vegetable s and whole grain

Maintain healthy weight with proper diet and exercise

Be careful when lifting weights

When to consult a doctor?

A hernia usually begins as a small bulge but over time it can get bigger. In some cases it can even become a threat to life. Whenever to suspect a lump, a bulge or experience pain in and around the belly it is best to consult your doctor.

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