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Impacted wisdom teeth is found at the back of the mouth as they are the third molars. Usually, these teeth do not have enough space to emerge or devlop and hence get cramped up or impacted in the bone.

The specialty of wisdom teeth is that it is the last adult teeth to emerge. There are totally four wisdom teeth in a grown-up person, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw.

Problems of impacted wisdom teeth

As far as wisdom teeth remain hidden, there is no cause for worry but more often the wisdom teeth get impacted and result in pain, damage and cause other dental problems. Many a time impacted teeth by themselves do not cause any immediate harm. The impacted wisdom teeth, though it will be hard to clean properly and so cause tooth decay and gum disease than other healthy teeth.


The best way to tackle impacted wisdom teeth is to get it removed. It is also advisable to remove impacted wisdom teeth that do not cause any present issues to prevent any future problems.


Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth


Impacted wisdom teeth normally do not cause any symptoms. When an impacted wisdom teeth get infected, it can damage other nearby teeth or cause dental problems.


Infected wisdom teeth cause redness and swelling in the gums, gums get tender and starts bleeding. The infection also causes jaw pain and swelling of the jaw area. The other symptoms include bad breath, an unpleasant taste in the mouth and difficulty while opening and closing the mouth.


What causes impacted wisdom teeth?


Wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17- 25 years. Generally the wisdom teeth emerge without any problem and it lines up with other teeth that have already emerged as it positions behind the second molars. When the mouth is too crowded for third molars to develop, they get trapped in the gum and become impacted.

Sometimes an impacted tooth will partially emerge so that the crown becomes visible.   This condition is called partially Erupted. The affected tooth may grow at an angle toward the next tooth (second molar). It can also grow toward the back of the mouth or at right angle to the other teeth as if the tooth is lying down within the jawbone. The impacted wisdom tooth may emerge up or down but stay trapped.


Complications of the impacted condition


Impacted wisdom teeth cause many dental problems, including damage to other teeth by putting pressure on the nearby teeth, especially the 2nd molars. The condition also causes some sack like growth or cyst formation in the gums near the impacted teeth. All these may lead to tooth decay or carries that affects the teeth and  gum infection too.


How to prevent impacted wisdom teeth?

It is not possible to prevent impacted wisdom teeth from showing up but you can always watch for its growth and symptoms. You should have regular consultation with your dentist and let the doctor examine your wisdom teeth while checking for any infection, pain and abnormalities.

Your dental doctor may use a dental X-ray to locate impacted wisdom teeth, study its position and recommend remedial action even before any symptoms or complications develop.


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