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Diabetes Camp

Diabetes has become a common health issue affecting people worldwide. Most of the affected individuals don’t know that they have this condition. For better prevention, diagnosis and management of this condition it’s essential to have access to diabetes education.
There is more to diabetes than just sugar. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to a number of complications. So consult our Diabetologist for an effective control plan.
Annai Arul Hospital observes “World Diabetes Day – Nov 14th 2022”. Attend the all-inclusive Diabetes Camp from 14th Nov to 21st Nov 2022.
Package Cost: Rs.650/-
Test Includes: FBS/PPBS/RBS, Fasting Lipid Profile, Urea/ Creatinine, Urine Routine, ECG, HBA1C
Free Diabetologist Consultation.

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