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International Nurses day Celebration 2022

“Caring is the essence of nursing.”- Jean Watson
International Nurses day was celebrated at Annai Arul Hospital on 12th May 2022. The nurses’ day celebration was to remember the lady with the Lamp Florence Nightingale and her services.
All the nurses at Annai Arul hospital renewed their pledge dedicating themselves to do the nursing care with purity and practice their profession faithfully.
As it was also Hand Hygiene week, our nurses took the opportunity to create awareness by dancing 7 steps of hand wash technique followed by cake cutting and an appreciation certificate was distributed to all the Nurses.
The celebration was made special by inspiring & encouraging words shared by Medical Director Dr. Joseph Jensingh Babu, JMD/Nursing Director Dr. Meena Joseph, Consultants Dr. Venkatesh, Dr. Varun and Dr. Gnanasekar that “Nurses had been the backbone of Annai Arul Hospital”
Positive vibes were spread across during the celebration and as a part of the entertainment special dance performance was performed by the nurses demonstrating their hidden talents.
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Annai Arul family 8th Anniversary Celebration

It’s been 8 miraculous years for Annai Arul family to serve and provide trusted care to our community. A special thanks to all our supporters who have helped in all possible ways and special thanks to our patients who had believed in us.
8th Anniversary and women’s day celebration was joyously celebrated amongst the staff with various sports and cultural activities. The fun-filled celebration ended with beautiful melodies and power packed musical concert by Super Singer Priyanka and Crew

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World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day:
Give it a thought, Your kidney are precious. Be aware of your levels of diabetes nd high blood pressure and reduce the risks of kidney diseases.

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