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World Cancer Day & Cancer survivors treated at AAH

4th Feb 2018, Annai Arul Hospital observed World Cancer Day & Cancer survivors treated at AAH were invited for a Patient Educational Program. Patients and their attenders, Surgical Oncologist Dr. P. Saravanan, Radiation Oncologist Dr. Balasundaram, Medical Oncologist Dr. Durai and Medical Director Dr.S. Joseph Jensingh Babu attended the program. The motive of the program was to honour the patients and their attenders and make them feel good as they have broken the myth that Cancer is a Death Sentence. Patient and attenders shared their success testimony during their journey fighting cancer. Consultants talk encouraged the survivors to spread the word of awareness to the society as the lack of trust that cancer is curable could be changed by the survivors’ testimony. The importance of cancer awareness and early detection was also discussed. Cultural activities was conducted to encourage the survivors’ along with an appreciation letter and momentum encouraging them for being Bold, Confident & Determined while fighting cancer and standing tall as Cancer Warriors.

The program was started with the prayer song which was done by AAH staff. Dr.Joseph Jensingh Babu Medical Director of AAH, Dr.Saravanan Perisamy Surgical Oncologist, Dr.Durai Malavan Medical Oncologist and Dr.Balasundram Radiation Oncologist are invited for the program to boost the souls with their motivational talks. The talk was about to motivate the patients and their families to fight against cancer together and also to break the myth of cancer as it’s a life killing disease. Cancer survivors had shared their life testimony and the ways their overcome the cancer. Followed by that, cultural events were been presented by AAH Family to make the cancer warriors happier. Finally Appreciation letter quoted with cancer warriors’ bold, confident and determination for fighting against cancer was given to them as a small token of gratitude.

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Department of Critical care conducted a CME

Department of Critical care conducted a CME on 8th Jan 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Chennai. Dr. Mahendran MD., Head of the Critical Care Department – SIMS Vadapalani, was the Chairperson of the programme. Dr. Mohammed Ishaq MD., FNB from Lyell McEwin Hospital, Adelaide (Australia) presented the topic of “Nasal High flow therapy” followed by a healthy discussion about the Nasal high flow oxygen therapy. Dr. Dejan Varghese, MBBS, PGFICCM presented about the “Demography of critically sick patient in suburban area” and Dr.Varun DNB, FHIV provided a glimpse of the “Overview of critical care cases at Annai Arul Hospital. Around 60 practitioners and consultants participated in the programme.

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Christmas Day Celebration

Annai Arul Hospital celebrated Christmas day celebration from 14th Dec till 23rd Dec 2017. Games like Wrapping Christmas gift blindfolded, Finding Santa, etc, and competitions like crib decoration, cake baking, making Christmas tree from recycle material and Christmas carols were conducted for the employees.  Employees from every department participated in all the events and enjoyed the Christmas spirit. It was a joyful season of celebration for all Annai Arul employees.

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Breast Feeding Awareness Programme

Annai Arul hospital conducted Breastfeeding awareness programme on 10th Aug 2017 at Annai Arul Hospital. The motive of the programme is to eradicate the ignorance and provide information related to the benefits of breast feeding for baby and for mothers’. The programme was graced by the Legendary Actress, Bahubali Fame Mrs. Rohini who gave away the Best Mom Award for the winning mother. Apart from the Best Mom competition frequently questioned questions were addressed by the panel of Gynecologists and Obstetricians Dr. Meena Joseph and Dr. Indira, Pediatricians Dr. Shobana and Dr. Daniel and Dietician Mrs. Hepsiba. Queries related to the time duration required for breast feeding, positioning of baby during feeding, diet required for mothers’ and lot more were discussed.

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