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Usually as you age you start noticing these mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes. Because they appear to be bags they are also called bags under the eyes. With aging the tissues surrounding the eyes and those supporting the eyelids tend to weaken. The fat helped support the eyes now move to the lower eyelids and cause them to look puffed up and baggy.

How will you prevent bags under the eyes?

There are several ways in which you can take action to prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes through small lifestyle changes.

Reduce Salt Intake

Usually water in your body tends to move from those parts which are low in sodium to those that have high sodium content. The area around the eyes is a prime example of this. So when you consume a food that is loaded with salt this can lead to a condition wherein puffiness of the eyes results in the morning.

Take care of allergies

When you have allergies like colds and sinus infection then water retention and puffy eyes are the result. The good news is that when you take those OTC medicines for your allergies, cold or sinus then they not only help in stopping your runny nose but prevent puffy eyes too.

Correct the sleep position

You may be a side or a stomach sleeper. When you sleep in a particular position then gravity causes fluid collection under your eyes and cause puffy eyes. The best position is to prevent the baggy eyes is to sleep on your back and add an extra pillow under your head.

Clean your make-up before bed

Try not to go to bed with your make-up on, since it can make the eyes water and lead to the morning-after puffiness. Wash your face thoroughly, especially the eyes with soap and water or use a remover every night before you go to bed.

Control your alcohol habit

When you drink alcohol it actually pulls the water out of your skin. Once the delicate area around the eyes get dry and weakened then it can sink into a pouch. If you did have excess to drink then drink some water before you go to bed and use a moisturizer around the eyes to prevent dryness and pouch formation.

Protect eyes from UV rays

You are very particular about protecting your body from harmful UV rays with sunscreen and body lotions but what about your eyes. Too much of exposure to sun can affect the skin on your face especially around your eyes and they sag or wrinkle. Use good sunglasses, sunscreen and some sort of hat to prevent eye puffiness.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can dry and weaken the skin on the face, so quitting smoking can prevent your face getting wrinkled and your eyes from getting droopy.

Cool down your eyes

Chilled spoons, cucumber slices or tea bags can be placed on your eyes to cool it down especially in summer heat. A cold compress can also help remove the puffiness.

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