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Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Program

Annai Arul hospital conducted an Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Program from 21st Nov till 25th Nov 2019. Various activities were conducted to spread the awareness among the staffs, consultants and the general public. Poster and Quiz Competitions were conducted for all clinical staffs which were judged by Chief Guest Dr. Arul Mozhi Mangai from Cauvery Hospital, Dr.Varun Consultant Internal Medicine and Dr. Shiny John Consultant Microbiologist from Annai Arul Hospital. Winners were awarded with surprise gifts.

On 22nd Nov, Continuing Medical Education programme was conducted for the consultants on Antimicrobial Resistance where Consultant Infectious Disease Dr.Vidyalakshmi presented on ” Antibiotics – What can we do to save them? ” followed by a healthy discussion with the surgeons and consultant.

On 25th Nov, Awareness talk was conducted for all walk-in patients in the Out Patient area. Informative facts were shared by Dr.Varun about the risk involved during misusing and overusing of Antibiotics, the emergence of antibiotic resistance and how we can help prevent it. Handouts describing in details about the facts was circulated amongst the public during the talk.

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