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Every good habit is worth practising in life. Exercise in one such habit that can give you health, happiness and peace in life. Let us know try to find out what are the actual benefits of doing exercise regularly.

Improves mood

Are you feeling down, then get moving. Exercise  can make you feel happier. When you workout, your body generates endorphins the ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain. That is why you start to feel better as soon as you start walking a few strides. Then imagine the effects of regular exercise and how it can last for years together.

Gives energy

We may not realize that using energy to exercise actually replenishes energy. Many a time you will feel tired and don’t want to move an inch. But with regular exercise, this fatigue will never ground you and you will find yourself with lot more pep than otherwise.

Improves sleep

Regular exercise helps one fall asleep faster and sleeps more soundly. The more you exercise the better your sleep. There is no particular time during which you should exercise. If you have problems in finding a proper time, the best time to exercise is as soon as you get up from the bed that is earlier in the day.

Betters confidence

Are you not feeling up to the mark then just walk a mile and then see the difference. Once you achieve something like walking a few miles or running the first 5kms in your life, it can give a boost that improves your self esteem. You will fee you can conquer anything. Exercise actually makes you feel much better about yourself.

Weight control

One of the leading reasons for people to exercise is to reduce their weight or get it under control. Whether you want to lose some inches around the waist or keep your body in shape, then exercise is the key. A workout of minimum 30 minutes daily can get you where you want to go in weight control.

Longer lifespan

It is no secret that regular exercise can add years to your life. This is true even if you are not an hardcore fitness freak. A little exercise will keep your body in shape, control weight and keep all health issues under control. The ultimate result is a long, happy and healthy life.

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