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Opening Hours : 24 x 7
  Contact : Emergency: +91 8939 59 9999

emergency & critical care in Tambaram

Annai Arul, a Multi Speciality Hospital is one of the established and expanding emergency & critical care in Tambaram located in the heart of the city. We are working closely with local population and corporate world in and within Chennai. We are providing round the clock services with particular specialization in ICU care, comprehensive indoor management of patients, periodical Check Ups, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Pathology & Microbiology, Radiology (Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound), Accident and Trauma Care, Emergency Medical/ Surgical Services. We are providing qualitative care with the principles of co-operation, compassion, commitment and innovation. We have a latest infrastructure, combined with equipments and facilities to provide excellent Trauma Care in Tambaram. We are well known to local population because of our competence in managing indoor patients, competitive prices, efficient services and periodic camps to help locals with affordable diagnosis, advice for common diseases.

emergency & critical care in Tambaram

emergency & critical care in Tambaram

The Intensive Care Unit of Annai Arul, Tambaram Hospitals is a state-of-the-art centre that responds to needs of critically ill patients.

  • The Annai Arul Hospital Intensive Care unit is the largest of its kind, in Chennai. This ICU is multi-disciplinary; in the sense that it responds to complications related to disease as well as trauma.
  • Protocolised treatment procedures ensure a high quality of medical care that directly impacts treatment outcomes.
  • Affiliated infection control protocols are stringently followed, so as to prevent the possibility of Hospital Acquired Infections.
  • Ultra-modern monitoring systems and ventilators, bed-side Haemodialysis machines, SLED for the critically ill, 24 X 7 Radiology and Laboratory assistance – all contribute towards maximizing the quality of response.

The strongest feature of the hospital has been the proper blend of clinical and academic activities and the steady and planned increase of team members so that the services provided have been all encompassing and up to date. Apart from being one of the the largest clinical unit, the hospital is well known for it’s academic activities. The state of the art technology equipments have been tried out successfully with exceptional results spreading our fame far and wide. Today the Hospital is internationally known and the patient flow is coming from across the country and the Globe. Additional facilities like MRI, CT and Ultrasound Scan have been added for better patient care. The Hospital continuously strives for the excellence in the quality of life of the affected patients and thus does a lot of social work by taking various awareness programme. It also has a Corporate Social Responsibility aspect in its functioning.


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