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Opening Hours : 24 x 7
  Contact : Emergency: +91 8939 59 9999

Director’s Desk

Dr.S.Joseph Jensingh Babu MD., DNB, Director

The dream of making top-notch therapeutic services available to a common man encouraged us to set up Annai Arul hospital where we are committed to provide quality and affordable healthcare. At Annai Arul Hospital we believe in building a culture of quality and safety across the organization and deliver standardized care and service at all times. Our endeavor is to meet and exceed highest healthcare standards through the quality systems and substantiation based medicine. The advanced technology that we subscribe to helps us in reaching and sustaining high quality healthcare.

The dream to TOUCH LIVES and provide TRUSTED CARE is happening, and we are happy to extend this goodwill to the unreached. Annai Arul Hospital’s vision is “to be the most renowned centre for patient care, academics and research. We provide complete range of outpatient and inpatient treatments with a team of exclusively selected consultants, nurses, paramedics, non-medical and supporting staffs. Our center of attention is to offer the latest and finest medical care to each and every patient that reciprocates the trust they have placed in the medical professionals. Patients are the focus of everything that’s done in Annai Arul hospital.