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jaundice clinic in Tambaram

Annai Arul Hospitals has state-of-the-art equipments, facilities and amenities. Besides, an array of experts from the medical world along with specialized medical staff attend to offer diverse needs of a true multi-speciality hospital. At Annai Arul Hospital, there is a separate jaundice clinic in Tambaram dealing with all the variants of the disease.The hospital is planned to deliver high quality holistic medical care in an efficient, friendly environment. Annai Arul Hospital is located at Tambaram, one of the most prominent locality of Chennai. The hospital provides in-patient care to support top class medical and surgical specialties and programs. A most comfortable and conducive environment for liver clinic in Tambaram has been thoughtfully built for the visiting and in-patient hospitalization, both for the patients and their relatives. The hospital also houses a variety of out-patient speciality services.

jaundice clinic in Tambaram

jaundice clinic in Tambaram

After a successful stint in treatment of jaundice, an overwhelming number of cases prompted the need to create a separate, committed and focused clinic for jaundice treatment. This specialized clinic offers a unique “Quality of Life” experience to patients and family members without cooperating on the patients “right to choose” during their fight against jaundice.

Diagnosis and treatment are characterized by a multi-disciplinary approach with Disease Management Teams, wherein experts from different streams participate in decision-making for treatment practices, using indication-based medical strategies and proper documented clinical guidelines.

At Annai Arul Hospital, our mission is to “promote, restore and maintain the health of all the people we serve”.  Here we are committed to provide superior healthcare services of international standards in a comprehensive manner to every individual with an emphasis on quality, service excellence, empathy and respect.”

Annai Arul Hospital, Chennai has attempted to be one of the leading Kidney transplantation in Tambaram in the country and has benefited Tamil Nadu as well as the adjoining states and neighbouring countries.