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Opening Hours : 24 x 7
  Contact : Emergency: +91 8939 59 9999


Orthopaedics & Trauma

Department Overview

Annai Arul Hospital’s Orthopaedic department delivers customized care focused on every individual, utilizing the full resources of Annai Arul Hospital to offer specialized individual care focused by the latest and finest research and evidence-based medicine.We provide skilled treatment for all aspects of musculoskeletal injuries including inpatient and outpatient surgical care to rehabilitation.

Our physician base have specific training and experience in a broad range of orthopaedic specialties such as Trauma care, Joint Replacement Surgeries, Spine Surgeries, Shoulder and Elbow, Foot and Ankle, and Hand. The Annai Arul Orthopaedic department is highly recognized for its remarkable work in patient care with a motto Movement is Life and Life is Movement.

The Orthopaedic Department focuses on services like
  • 24 x 7 Trauma Care and Ambulance Service.
  • Total Join replacement surgeries.
  • Arthroscopic surgeries
  • Minimally Invasive spinal surgeries.

Orthopeadic Services Offered At Annai Arul Hospital

24 x 7 Trauma Care Ambulances

The hospital has ambulances which is located at different accident zones outside the hospital. The ambulance is fully equipped with all the resuscitative equipments, qualified ATLS trained paramedical staff and staff nurses.

Total Joint Replacement

Our Orthopaedic surgeons are highly experienced in performing simple and complex primary and revision joint replacement surgeries. We have the state of the art laminar flow operation theatre with all the latest drill and saw and Instruments to perform complex surgeries.

Arthroscopic Surgeries

The Arthroscopic and Sports injury department is well established at Annai Arul Hospital. We have the complete system for Arthroscopy surgeries and highly qualified and experienced Arthroscopic surgeons and good rehabilitation team to put back the patient to his normal life style and sports at the earliest.

Spine Surgeons

Disc and Degenerative spinal problem have becoming very common problem these days.

Our orthopaedic and Neurosurgical team are highly experienced in performing:

  • 1. Microlumbar Disc Surgeries
  • 2. Spinal Stabilisation and Fusion surgeries.

We will keep you moving is what we keep telling and assuring our patient.


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