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chemotherapy in Tambaram

As a centre of excellence, Annai Arul hospital is committed in providing a compassionate, safe, high quality, and exceptional patient experience. Annai Arul Hospital have been providing a compassionate setting for patients and their families while offering state of the art chemotherapy in Tambaram. The hospital has a dedicated team of very competent doctors and dedicated highly trained nursing staff to provide highest level of care. There is supportive care, well equipped laboratory and diagnostic centre, pharmacy and round the clock emergency services. Our qualified and well experienced team of doctors integrate all aspects of both surgical and nonsurgical specialized care by collectively combining their knowledge, experience, and expertise. cancer surgery in Tambaram can be performed in the surgical department of Annai Arul Hospital, Investigations to evaluate the type, spread and stage of the cancer using histopathology, cytology, radiology and laboratory tests are also available. Early diagnosis and proper primary treatment guarantees the best results. Surgical intervention and radiotherapy control the disease locally, but oncological treatment prevents its spread around the body.

chemotherapy in Tambaram

chemotherapy in Tambaram

Patient care is our primary concern. We believe in the dignity of all patients living with cancer and respect their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The facilities, therefore, remain under constant review to incorporate the latest techniques and equipment to ensure consistently high standards. Noted for their professional expertise, our staff are carefully selected and have had valuable experience in major hospitals.

The Hospital has a modern Trauma Care in Tambaram which has started its functioning under expert professionals. This center gives quality medical services with ultra modern techniques at affordable cost for all kinds of medical treatment. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment is of an international standard, and is backed by the latest radiology and laboratory facilities.

Contact Annai Arul Hospital today and discover the difference our quality of care, experience and leading innovations can have in the fight against cancer.


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