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We are not talking about a fast spreading flu virus but the global lifestyle epidemic of obesity. Obesity is the result of overeating or eating more and injudiciously consuming a rich diet in large quantities.

Many times we have noted that obese people continue to eat long after normal people have stopped. This makes us wonder what is it that makes them eat more.

Eating more is not a crime but the array of health defects caused to the body in obese people makes us take the condition into serious consideration. Obesity and over that eating more is like piling up more and more health hazards that will ultimately result in very serious disease of the body including the heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems.

Various studies have been undertaken to find some sort of a solution to the problem of obesity where diet control alone does not help since there seems to be some underlying cause that compels obese people to eat more and more.

Appropriate Stomach Pressure

Normally when a human being eats the stomach relaxes and then as you eat the pressure builds up and at one point it reaches the saturation point when we stop eating. This is the appropriate way of stomach relaxing and then building up pressure.

In obese people what happens is at the outset itself the stomach relaxes more than required or it is not appropriate relaxation which then allows more space inside the stomach. When the obese people start eating they don’t fee filled unless the whole space is filled with food and finally they feel the pressure inside the stomach.

Regulatory Nerves

After much studies and research it has been figured out that the cause for the less relaxation of stomach in lean people compared to more relaxation in obese people is due to the action of certain nerves. The alteration of the nerves that control the intestine functions in obese people causes the inappropriate relaxation and pressure build up which results in over eating.

Finding Medications

Since diet control and weight loss alone cannot treat a condition where nerves are out of control it is necessary to first treat the condition through medications and then go for dieting and weight management. Once an appropriate medication is found then it can bring about a great chance for obese people to return to better food habits.

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