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Wear and Tear of the joint surface (Articular Cartilage) is called osteoarthritis. The weight bearing joints like hip, knee are more prone to be affected.

Today Chennai has some of the leading orthopedic doctors and medical facilities for hip replacement surgery. There are dedicated clinics set up by Annai Arul Hospital to treat hip and joint problems and take up surgery if required.

The doctors or orthopedic specialist will first suggest certain walking aids like crutches along with medication and physio therapy. More often these therapies can best control the pain for some time but don not cure the actual. Hip replacement may be the only option with persistent pain and disability.

Who should have replacement?

Previously surgery was reserved for people over 65 years of age considering the life expectancy of the patient and implant to avoid revision. But now with the advent of better implant for revision. This criteria no longer holds true. Surgery is done for younger patient to improve the quality of life.

More important than the age factor is the health and activity of the person that determines the success of hip replacement.
Who should avoid hip replacement?

There are no absolute contraindications certain condition with muscle weakness is likely to increase the increase risk of dislocation and early Wear and Tear. Your doctor will be able to lay down the various pros and cons. So that you can take a informed decision about the procedure.

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