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Watch Out For 5 Bad Dental Habits

You are taking good care of your teeth and dental hygiene. You are brushing daily twice, flossing and visiting your dentist twice. Yet there may be one or two dental habits that may be undermining all your good work and compromising your dental health.

Let us now look at nearly 5 bad dental habits you should avoid.

Habit 1: Crunching, Sipping and Sucking

Many people have the habit of slurping down a cold drink and then crunching the crushed ice. What happens is the brittleness and cold of the ice cubes can actually cause fine cracks or fractures in the teeth enamel and this can lead to major problems later. Crunching on popcorn kernels and pits of fruits after sucking them for a while can also damage your teeth.

Switch to crushed ice in your drinks and eat healthier snacks which you can chew properly. Sip cold drinks through a straw with the straw positioned to the back of the mouth rather than against the teeth. This will minimize the teeth’s exposure to cold and carbonated drinks.

Habit 2: Using Teeth as a Tool

You may rely on your teeth for a number of odd jobs like tearing open a bag of chips, uncapping a beer bottle, straitening a been wire or to rip a piece of clothing. These actions will put strain on your teeth and traumatize its edges resulting in the chipping away or fractured teeth.

Always think what you are using your teeth for and what you are putting in your mouth. Keeping simple tools handy around your office or home will keep you away from doing harm to your teeth.

Habit 3: Grinding the Teeth

Whenever you grind your teeth be it day or night and if you keep on doing it as a habit, due to stress or anxiety it will affect the health of your teeth to a great extent. Teeth grinding can be also due to an abnormal muscle habit, biting habit or due to a crooked teeth or misplaced teeth.

It is better to see your dental specialist immediately and get advice for wearing a teeth cap to protect your teeth. If it is caused by stress then certain exercise programmers can help relieve stress and the habit. You can also avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption and if you find clenching or grinding the teeth during day time then place the tip of your tongue in-between the teeth to train the jaw muscles to relax. You may use a warm towel and hold it against your jaw to relax the jaw muscles.

Habit 4: Using Hard Bristled Toothbrush

Many of us think that a hard and firm toothbrush will clean our teeth better. This is not the case as the hard bristles will push up the gums and the roots of the teeth will be exposed. This can increase the sensitivity of the teeth. The hard bristles will irritate the gums and cause high sensitive teeth which can be discomforting at every instance you eat or drink.

Your dental specialist is the right person to suggest the type of toothbrush and tooth paste that best suits your teeth.

Habit 5: Avoiding Brushing and Flossing Often

You may be brushing and flossing your teeth regularly but not often enough. You should make it a habit to brush your teeth twice daily and similarly floss your teeth at least once daily. Many people are not familiar about flossing the teeth and you may ask your dentist for a demonstration of the right flossing method.

Similarly rinsing your mouth is an activity that you rarely take seriously. Antiseptic rinses help get rid of the bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath. Fluoride rinses help prevent tooth decay. Rinsing can be done once or twice at your convenience. However it’s always recommended to get the dentist consideration before using any mouth wash or application of fluorine.

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