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Things to Know Before Your First Physiotherapy Session

If you have had an injury or a surgery and recovering from the pain and discomfort it is customary that you will seek the help of a physiotherapist. If it is your first time visit to a physiotherapist then there may be lot of doubts in your mind. The type of physiotherapy you will undergo largely depends on your age, the extent of pain and the choice of treatment.

Here is an overview of the doubts and expectations commonly experienced by a first time visitor to a physiotherapist.

Should I speak to my doctor before fixing an appointment with the physiotherapist?

It is not necessary to call up your doctor, since more often the physiotherapist would have been recommended by your doctor and he would have briefed the physiotherapist regarding your case. If all you are taking an appointment then your doctor would have advised you on the course of physiotherapy required or will write a referral that explains your case.

How should I arrange an appointment with the physiotherapist?

The first physiotherapy visit can be a walk-in and appointment will be fixed for the next session. The cost per session etc. can be finalized once you meet the physiotherapist in person.

What are the things to know before the first appointment?

Take along the imaging results like X-ray and CT scans along with the referral letter or prescription of your doctor. Lastly but very importantly try to wear loose fitting clothes only, because physiotherapy usually involves lot of stretching and movements.

What to expect on your first visit to the physiotherapist?

As soon as you meet your physiotherapist and introduce yourself, the physiotherapist would ask you to detail the why, where and what of your injury and the treatment you have been following. Discuss in detail about everything and do not hold back any information from the physiotherapist because your physiotherapy sessions will involve exercises based on the input you give. After gathering the information from you and studying it, the therapist will suggest the sort of physiotherapy treatment you have to undergo and the options available. Sit down and discuss this in detail, if you have any doubts or feel uncomfortable about certain parts of the treatment then discuss the alternatives to it. Then finalise the schedule of your physiotherapy sessions. Your therapist will only be happy to help you and give you the best solutions and schedules available.

What is the follow up after the first session of physiotherapy?

Once the physiotherapy treatment is finalized then you must strictly follow the instructions given by your physiotherapist regarding exercises and follow up methods in-between the sessions. Try to be consistent while following your physiotherapist’s instructions as it will help speed up your recovery and regaining normal life fully. If your physiotherapist schedules additional session do not hesitate to take them as some injuries do need multiple sessions to be effective.

How will my body react to the first physiotherapy experience?

Since physiotherapy involves a lot of movements and exercise which your body may not be familiar with, it will produce some stiffness and soreness in the joints. It at all you feel extended discomfort call up your physiotherapist and talk about it, he or she will advice you on how to tackle the condition. A good hot shower and few hours of relaxation is usually what you need after a demanding physiotherapy session to put you back in good shape.

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