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Striding to a Successful Women’s Day with AAH ‘WALKATHON Walk for a Cause’

Annai Arul Hospital celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day on 8th March 2016 in a special way, with two impact events. One of the events was the medical camp for couples with the theme ‘You Make Me Smile’ and yet another event that won many hearts and spread miles of smiles was the Annai Arul Hospital ‘Walkathon Walk For A Cause’.

The AAH ‘Walkathon’ was a success even before the first steps were taken by the because of the wonderful response especially from women of all ages. The ‘Walkathon’ had an inspiring theme which said ‘Feel Fit and Empowered; Stay Safe and Secured’, that urged the participants to make walking and fitness a daily routine.

The ‘Walkathon’ route stretched for 2 kms from Kon Krishna Kalyana Mandabam, West Thambaram to Annai Arul Hospital from 6.30 am to 8 am. The walkathon was flagged off by Dr. Indira, Consultant Gynecologist at Annai Arul Hospital. The participants included doctors from AAH, the hospital staff and enthusiastic students from Christ King Girls Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School and Joshua Matriculation School and inspired citizens from the neighbourhood.

The innovative streak of the ‘Walkathon’ was the Zumba dance based warm-up exercise conducted by licensed Zumba instructors Raj Kumar and Sudha who also lead the cooling exercise after the long walk. At the end of the walk Dr. Indira and Dr. Meena Joseph addressed the participants. Dr. Indira spoke on the importance of good mental and physical health especially for women through exercise and proper diet while avoiding fast foods and carbonated drinks. Dr. Meena spoke about the being fit by following a daily fitness schedule and how household work enhanced fitness. The highlight was the speeches by school children who had participated in the walk. They spoke on a variety of topics including women’s rights, development and International Women’s Day.

The AAH ‘Walkathon’ was an overwhelming success and Annai Arul Hospital looks forward to conducting such focused events the year round.

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