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Children feel absolutely miserable when they get allergies, but these niggling allergies can always be prevented or controlled. First of all try to find out what causes a particular allergic reaction in a child and avoid those things. Learn a little bit about home medicines and treatments that can cure certain allergies.

Warm Compress

Like putting a warm compress on the eyes and forehead to ease sinus pressure. To soothe itchy eyes you can use a wet washcloth or ice pack on the eye lids and relieve the itchiness.


You can equip yourself with some lubricating over the counter eyedrops that can help soothe itchy eyes which children commonly complain of. Try not to use products for ‘red eye’ for a prolonged time because they may make the case worse. Also certain non-prescription antihistamines eyedrops help treat red and itchy eyes.

Salt Water

This is a grandmother’s secret to treat nose irritation in children, by spraying warm salt water into a child’s nostrils to stop the irritation. The salt water also helps in washing away unwanted dust, pollen and debris in the nose. Salt water also helps loosen the mucus and unclog the nostril.


Whenever your child complains of itching, sneezing and runny nose or water eyes reach for  a non-prescription antihistamine which your pharmacist suggested. These are non-prescription drugs that are safe on children. They come in the form of pills, liquid, chewable or melt away options. Even doctors suggest them and instruct on taking them once or twice a day. Some of these can make the child drowsy and so should be given just before bedtime.


A decongestant brings immediate relief to a child suffering from a stuffy nose. The side effects can make the child hyper active or cause sleep disturbances, so better use them for a shorter span. They are available as pills, liquids and sprays. Don’t use a decongestant for more than 3 days continuously.


Continuous runny nose or stuffiness that won’t go off with any of the home remedies needs to be shown to a doctor. There are certain steroid nose sprays usually prescribed by the doctor for such conditions. In rare cases doctor may even suggest steroid pills and liquids for few days. These steroids can control the symptoms until some more serious treatments commence.


If the child’s condition is not getting better then the doctor may suggest an anti allergy injection or shot. The injection may help the child become less sensitive to certain allergy triggers. Actually the child gets a tiny dose of the allergens that causes the allergy. This leads to ease the body’s reaction to the allergy on a daily basis. It may take several injection or shots to bring the desired result.

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