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It’s time for office or school, so you skip the breakfast. You reach home late in the night – lazy to eat – skip dinner. Caught in the work and you skip lunch. These are the scenarios for people find excuse for dieting on the sly. They think that skipping meals is equal to diet and will help in weight loss or put them in shape. But on the contrary skipping timely meals can make you pay with health problems later.
Doctors and dieticians vouch for the fact that skipping meals can cause lot of health problems including cramps, ulcers and sickness.

What are side-effects of skipping meals?
There are umpteen side effects and here are the most common ones:

Sudden Change In Blood Sugar Levels

The sugar in our body helps generate energy and it is obtained from the breakdown of carbohydrates. The energy thus obtained is required for the normal functioning of the body. So if you skip a meal, the blood sugar levels can drop and later when you eat a big meal the sugar levels suddenly spikes all this affects the normal functioning of the organs and causes health problems.

Affects Moods & Concentration

The glucose obtained from food is the main source of energy that supplies the brain. Hence if you skip a meal, the brain will not receive enough glucose or energy and the result is a dull response from the brain every time. This results in feeling tired, sluggish, moody and irritable. When your body responds like this naturally the ability to concentrate is lost and it decreases the memory power too.

Effect on Metabolism

Skipping meals regularly shifts the system into starvation mode which means there will be an effort by the body to store energy. What the body does to conserve energy is actually slow down the metabolism and in effect your effort to lose weight will be slowed down.

Blood Pressure Problems

The drop in blood sugar because of avoiding meals results in your body stimulating hormones to compensate for the low glucose levels. This has a domino effect on the blood pressure system and causes it to increase. It can also cause the narrowing of the arteries in the future.

Causes Acidity and Ulcers

Skipping meals is known to cause lot of stomach related issues like acidity, gastric reflux, belching, flatulence and even ulcers. When you don’t take meals the empty stomach has a tendency to secrete gastric acid in the stomach, which can result in formation of ulcers in the stomach and alimentary canal. Every time you skip meals the acids so secreted attacks the stomach lining instead of working on the food you eat in normal conditions and this leads to formation of ulcers and severe abdominal pain.

Weight Gain

Skipping meals makes your body fear starvation, it over compensates by stubbornly holding on every calorie you consume. Your metabolism goes haywire, increasing your body’s fat storage, make you to gain weight.

Remedy for Skipped Meals

You should avoid skipping a meal, but when you cannot help it, better pack a lunch box and eat it once you reach the destination. If packing and taking food is a problem then you may as well have some buttermilk, fruit juice or simply a fruit Nuts to compensate. If all this is not possible due to an emergency, then drink a glass of water which will help to neutralise the acid and keep your stomach safe.
DO NOT FAST or FEAST, have food at regular intervals to maintain good health.

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