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Parents it is best to forget all those sugar coated ads for junk foods and best places for kids to eat if you want your child to grow healthy and strong and good-looking who can give rise to yet another generation of healthy and well shaped human beings. Obesity does not make your child cute or attractive it leads to an unhealthy human today and in the future.

Here are a few pointers to take note while raising a child and preventing it from becoming obese.

  1. Give Real Food

As parents you are the adults in the house who make buying decisions for groceries and food items and it is your responsibility to buy only that which is good for your family. If you don’t buy junk food then it will not be in the cabinet or the refrigerator and so the children cannot eat it. If you are in the habit of stocking junk food at home, starting today you can just scale down gradually. When the child starts eating fruits, veggies, berries, lean meats and fish they will get in their mind that it is how you are supposed to eat and that’s how they will grow up.

  1. Avoid Junk

If you as a parent like to visit the Junk Food store and allow your children to accompany then they will get it into their brain that eating junk food is the norm and it is a daily routine. Even if your palate craves for junk food to start off on a good food habit for the whole family and the children then will readily follow the parents.

  1. Train Them Young

It is like training a young elephant, when it is tied to a rope and try as it might it will not be able to break the rope. Later when the elephant grows up it still believes that the rope is too strong to break and so does not attempt to break it. Similarly if you train the toddlers and young children to eat healthy food then it gets hard-wired into their brain that they will follow the same habits when they grow up. Remember they are watching you all the time even when you think they are hardly concerned.

  1. Food is Fuel

The children should always be reminded that food is fuel and not entertainment as portrayed by the advertisements in newspapers and television. The television ads and colourful magazine ads always have a trick up their sleeve to make you spend more and urge the children to pester the parents to eat out at junk food joints. From an early age children should be made aware of the intentions of such ads and made to realize that food is a need of our bodies and not something to splurge on for entertainment.

  1. The Lifestyle Example

One of the biggest lifestyle changes of our times has happened with the advent of television. The habit of watching television for hours together and binging on fast food makes for unhealthy habit those children readily follows. It is not a crime to watch a couple of programmes for few minutes daily but make it a habit to get out and play with the kids so that they will pick up the idea and love the outdoors.

  1. Habit of Supplements

There is nothing like making a habit of taking some supplements and letting the children know that it is a good habit. The diet we usually take may not provide all the micro-nutrients and minerals and so taking supplements will provide these necessary elements in our diet.

  1. Plenty of Sleep

Like the parents are responsible for the food that is available in the kitchen they are also responsible for the child getting good sleep every day. The parents should take the responsibility of switching off the lights, television and the electronic gadgets so that the children will get a full nights good sleep which ultimately helps their growth and development.

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