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cardiology doctors in ChennaiWith couple of corporate hospitals that is known globally for Cardiology treatment and few speciality Cardiology Medical Centres, Chennai has become the hub of Cardiology and Cardiac surgery. The surge in economy and the advent of IT related jobs have brought with it the risk of stress at the workplace that leads to many cardiac problems.Chennai being a hub for these new kinds of jobs is at the forefront of finding solution to such job related stress and its consequences.

If there is constant work pressure and you are finding it difficult to cope with the demands of the corporate culture and competitiveness it is time to check out your own health and a better way to handle the stress since it is proved that workplace stress is bad for your heart.

Signs of Job Stressheart hospitals in chennai

There are certain general indicators to find out whether your job is really stressful

  • Your heart is racing, your palms sweat and your BP shoots
  • You feel tired and cranky and you snap at your friends and family
  • You have trouble concentrating and disturbed sleep
  • You catch infections more often and find it hard to get cured

If signs and symptoms like this persist then its time you take care of your heart.

What Is The Reality

Cardiologists in ChennaiTake the example of a day when you have multiple presentations to do on a new project. You will be tensed right from morning. What happens inside your body is even more interesting, your body pumps out stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to help you spring into action and get the job done. In this case though you are stressed you know that it will soon be over and you will distress automatically.

Now, take for instance the same scenario but if you are under pressure to do presentations and achieve business targets on a day to day basis you will be under constant stress and what happens is that your body stays flushed with those chemicals that and starts converting them into cholesterol, which will ultimately lead to heart ailments.

Take Control

Check out these questions and if you answer ‘Yes’ to more than one you have got workplace pressure.heart hospital in chennai

  1. Is it difficult for me to focus on my job?
  2. Do my team members feel the same as I do?
  3. Do I snap at friends and family, withdraw myself and argue too much?
  4. Do I feel tired often, lose sleep or drink too much?
  5. Do I get sick often and is my physical health affected?
  6. Do people tell me that I am not my usual self?

The next step is entirely in your hand, it is up to you to decide how to come out of this. If your find it really difficult you can even consult a professional to solve the problem. Whatever you do remember such stress can lead to heart problems and you should do everything to be in good health.

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Best Cardiology Hospital in Chennai

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