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10 Early Signs of Pregnancy To Look For

Is there a doubt that you are pregnant?

Some of the early pregnancy symptoms may show up once you have missed a period or couple of weeks later. It is seen that 7 out of 10 women show these symptoms by the time they are six weeks long after missing the period. If you see any of these symptoms then take a pregnancy test to confirm it.

  1. Aversion to Food

It is common for newly pregnant woman to feel repelled by the aromas of certain food items like fried food, coffee etc. This must be due to the side effects of rapidly increasing amounts of estrogen in the body. Surprisingly some of the food you love the most may be the ones you are averse about.

  1. Big Mood Swings

Pregnancy is the time when you have big mood swings, mainly because of the flush of hormonal changes that affect neurotransmitters. Every woman has a different response to these changes. Some may feel sad, hopeless and depressed while others will feel overjoyed, hopeful and emotional both good and bad. Everyday there will be several phases where one mood takes over another and is quite natural.

  1. Bloated Abdomen

Many women feel bloated and full like you feel when you have periods and your clothes may feel more snug especially around the waist even though your uterus is still small. This is another common symptom in pregnancy.

  1. Frequent Urination

Once you are pregnant another symptom that reveals it is the urge to urinate frequently. This symptom will become more severe as the pregnancy progresses.

  1. Constant Fatigue

Usually women feel exhausted and sleepy in early pregnancy; this may be due to the amount of progesterone in your system. Morning sickness and the frequent urge to urinate during night causes sleeplessness and fatigue as you get up in the morning.

  1. Tender Breasts

One of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy is a sensitive, swollen breast caused due to rising levels of hormones. This may be an exaggerated version of how the breast feels before periods. This condition slowly diminishes as the pregnancy advances.

  1. Slight Bleeding or Spotting

If you are expecting to get pregnant then the slight bleeding or spotting can be disappointing but during early pregnancy woman do get these symptoms because of implantation bleeding.

  1. Regular Nausea

Usually the nausea sets in one or two months into the pregnancy but there are cases where women get nausea as an early symptom of pregnancy. This will not be morning sickness alone but it can happen anytime and anywhere be it morning, noon, evening or night. Most women experience a complete relief from nausea as the pregnancy develops.

  1. Missing A Period

If your periods are quite regular and you notice that the period has not arrived then you may as well take it as an early symptom of pregnancy and undergo the proper tests. The missing period will be noticed even before any other symptoms are seen.

  1. Higher Body Temperature

If you are in doubt and have been monitoring the body temperature you will notice a gradual increase in body temperature.

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