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Sleep is one of the most important jobs of a baby. In recent years, baby napping has became a major concern for parents and caretakers,the reason being lack if knowledge regarding variation of babies sleeping pattern with age.

Age Night Sleep Day Sleep
0 to 2 mths Total
sleep: 10 -19hrs per day
Sleep periods: 1-3 hrs
Separated by awake periods: 1-2 hrs
2 mths to 1 yr 9 -12 hrs 3 – 4hrs (2-4naps)  
1yr to 3yrs 9.5 to 10.5 hrs 2 – 3hrs(1-2naps)
3yrs to 5 yrs 9 to 10 hrs 0 to 1hr(1 nap / none)
Above 5 yrs 9 to 10 hrs None


As the baby grows, internal clocks switch from ultadian rhythm (operator every 90 minutes) circadian rhythm (operates a little more than 24 hrs). Hence as the baby grows, the frequency of sleep decreases and duration of sleep period and wakeful period increases.


  • Choose a safe place:
  1. Place your baby on a firm mattress with a well fitting sheet
  2. Make sure baby’s face is uncovered by blankets.
  3. Make sure baby will not fall down from bed anytime
  4. Make the baby lie on his or her back
  • Establish a routine:
  1. Help the baby to understand that night time is for sleep.
  2. Nurse the baby in low light at night
  3. Minimize socializing to night at nights


  • Never wake a sleeping baby unless recommended by your pediatrician
  • Avoid rushing to pick your baby at the first sign of stirring. Most babies will resettle by themselves if left as intervened.
  • Avoid bright lights , loud music before falling asleep (avoid laptops, cellphone, Television etc.,)
  • Avoid gross variation in bedtime and wake up time. eg late bed time and late wake-up time on weekends and holidays.

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