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Advantages of drinking water overvalued

In a recent study I USA, the health benefits of drinking 8 or more glasses of water every day for healthy people has been found overvalued. This finding will disappoint those who have been carrying water bottles throughout the day and will be a relief to those who never seem able to drink eight glasses of water each day.
The same study clarifies that there is no evidence of lack of benefits too. This means either way there is a general lack of evidence.
Doctors do not recommend eight glasses of water based on any medical evidence. Especially it may have no major health benefit for healthy people that is those with fully functional kidneys. Even though people living in hot dry climates have to drink more water to keep them well hydrated as well as those who do vigorous physical exercise.
Myths About Drinking Water:
There are a lot of urban myths about drinking water and many more claims about its benefits.
Claim 1: Drinking Water Excretes Toxins
It is generally believed that drinking lots of water helps improve kidney function and thus boost the clearance of toxins. One way kidney does this is through glomerular filtration, which is a measure of the kidney’s ability to filter and remove waste from the body. In a sample study there was no significant increase or decrease in glomerular filtration rate. But in few cases it was found that it actually reduced the kidney’s ability to remove substances like sodium. What actually happens is any toxin the kidney is prone to remove gets diluted when the person drinks excess water.
Claim 2: Drinking Water Boosts Organ Function
Usually in a normal person water is retained in the organs, and so thinking goes that drinking more water makes the organs super efficient.
In reality it is the speed with which you drink that determines whether the water stays or not. For example if water is sipped it is more likely to say in the body than when you gulp it.
Even then there is no evidence that drinking more water helped the organs work better.
Claim 3: Drinking Water Helps Reduce Weight
Many weight loss programmes recommend drinking more water. There is a myth that drinking more water will make you feel fuller and so reduce food intake and thus help in reducing weight.
Medical science is much more conflicted in this matter and the recent study showed that drinking water before a meal reduced food intake in few and made no difference in others.
Claim 4: Drinking Water Improves The Skin
All the water you drink will be distributed throughout the body and only a little of it will reach the skin.
It is of course found that drinking water helps improve the blood circulation though its effects on improving skin tone is yet to be proved.
Claim 5: Drinking Water Stops Headaches
More often headache sufferers blame their condition to lack of water intake. In the recent study the people who regularly drank water had fewer headaches than those who did not but there was no significant statistics to prove this and it cannot be established.
The Conclusion
The study is not dismissing the need to drink a healthy amount of fluids but it could not come up with any scientific basis for recommending an intake of eight glasses of water every day.

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