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Bringing a new life into this world is not a simple task and it is a very important decision. The journey is challenging physically, mentally and socially with lot of adjustments, caution and preparation. Hence the decision to get pregnant has to be preceded by preparing your body, mind and soul for the journey ahead.

Here are few important points about this preparation.

  1. Eat Warm Food

Eating warm foods like lentil soup, stir fried veggies and brown rice helps fertility and health pregnancy. These foods are womb warming and help to prepare for pregnancy.

  1. Chart Your Diet

Take away all the unhealthy food from your daily diet and fill it with healthy foods. It is like gardening where the soil gets prepared before the seeds are sown and the result is a healthy and vibrant sapling. Our body is similar the healthier we are physically before pregnancy the better the environment for our pregnancy. Try to include organic, hormone free whole foods that nourishes.

  1. Take to Yoga

Start on a yoga schedule to tone up the organs and feel healthy and brighter. The yoga exercises chosen can be pregnancy oriented and exercises that make the pregnancy hassle free and healthy.

  1. De-stress and de-compress

Stress can create havoc on the body; it can tighten up the body while stagnating energy and constrict blood flow. You can de-stress with yoga, meditation and pre-pregnancy exercises, listen to music or read good books.

  1. Visit Your Dentist

During pregnancy gums get tender and teeth can become loose. Dental disease can lead to preterm and underweight babies, so consult your dentist. Take care of your teeth and dental health for a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Make sure your cycles are regular

If cycles are irregular, consult a Doctor and make it regular before planning for pregnancy.

  1. Periconceptional folic acid

If you are planning for pregnancy, do take folic acid tablets under a Doctor’s guidance. Periconceptional folic acid intake prevents neural take defects in the newborn.

  1. Check your diabetic status

Keeping sugar levels well controlled before conception prevents unwanted birth defects in the fetus. It also increases the chances of pregnancy

  1. Make space for new life

Space is always important when there is a new arrival in your family, so declutter your house and make enough space. Dispose old and useless furniture, newspaper, utensils and other objects that are cramming up the space. The clean, spacious and inviting space will have its effects on the mental state of the pregnant woman and create the right environment for a happy and easy pregnancy.

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