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>Best Nephrology Surgeon specialist hospital in Chennai


Urinary problems and bladder control problems are best addressed by consultation with a Nephrologist. Chennai is a centre for nephrology related diseases and their treatment with leading nephrology experts, surgeons and dialysis centers across the city. Most of the hospitals including Annai Arul Hospital have multispecialty facilities including advanced departments for nephrology care.

Most of the people who have bladder control problems do not want to talk openly about it. People find their own way to deal with bladder incontinence but more often they find themselves in embarrassing situations. People may avoid participating in many activities where they don’t have access to a bathroom nearby and may even feel depressed.

Here are few tips on how to handle the bladder control problems without having to face its worst consequences.

Note it down

Try to keep a written record of all your activities including what you eat and drink and when you visit the bathroom, the timings etc. This will later help you and your doctor to sit together and decide on what is happening in your case.

Control Your Water

We all know that too much of water can only worsen the bladder control problem. It is up to you to find out what is the right measure of water to drink so that you do not become dehydrated or over hydrated. Doctors usually tell patients that they should have at least some yellow in their urine.

Train Your Bladder

It’s not training but actually retraining your bladder. Retraining is nothing but changing your normal urge and trying to hold back the urge longer and longer. You can set a time between visits to the bathroom and then gradually increase it. Your bladder will slowly adapt itself to your timings.

Lose Some Weight

If you are overweight or obese it puts extra pressure on your bladder and you will worsen the bladder control problem. As you decrease your weight you will get real relief from the problem.

Choose to Exercise

Exercise like Kegel exercise is a good one for training your bladder to hold urine longer. This sort of exercise is effective only when the pelvic muscle is weak; if it is stronger than Kegel will only create more problems. Discuss with your doctor and decide on such exercise or a suitable one for you.

Track the Triggers

There are certain foods and drinks that worsens bladder control problems. Caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, spicy food is some of the culprits and it is best to avoid or keep a check on these items.

Drug Reactions

If you are taking medicines for other health problems there may be certain drugs that induce the urge to pass urine more frequently. Check with and discuss the problem with your doctor and if possible change your prescription drugs that any doctor would be only pleased to do.

Take Medicines

If the problem is persistent and does not change with lifestyle changes and avoidance talk to your doctor and you may be prescribed certain medicines that can tackle the bladder control problem.

Best Nephrology Surgeon specialist hospital in Chennai

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